Monday, December 03, 2012

Ate Bob Continues Her Winning Streak and some Bicol Side Trip...

Last Wednesday while I was having a great time in Camsur, wifeys' text came as no surprise (yabang mode ng onti). While I have some misgivings that Ate Bob will not win, at the back of my mind I was certainly hoping that she will win so that she can represent her school again. And yes, she did win in the declamation contest. Our practice the week before paid off. I told her before I left about having a high level of confidence the moment her name is called. And that's what she did according to wifey. She was a picture of yabang with her head held high at the same time cuteness when she started to do curtsy and deliver her lines. Way to go Ate Bob. Papa is very proud of you! When I got home last Thursday, I bought her favorite ice cream to celebrate and then went to Tom's World as her reward.

The trip in Camsur was the usual break your neck. Schedule was full but was able to squeeze in some good times though.

Work first before pleasure. A posterity pose with the rest of the engineers. 
That's me in black shirt 3rd from the left with Mambulao Bay in the background.

In the surfing capital of Camsur called Bagasbas Beach? Waves were too small though. Lols.

In CWC. I did not do some wakeboarding the sun was scorching hot that time :)

That's for my year end trip. Then, last sunday McDonalds just beside our house was officially open. Truth to tell, Baby Dax wanted to have her breakfast there. However, due to the line that reaches more than a kilometer, you'll go high and dry before you can have your meal.

Here's a pic taken from the window. Little blurry because of the mosquito screen. Lols. Maybe tonight, Baby Dax can have her Mcdo burgers.

Have a great week ahead everyone!


Juicy Jay said...

Kudos to you for training your daughter and Congratz to her for winning the contest.

I do oratorical contest, I don't do declamation. Parangap ko lang kasi before ang mag-speech ng mag speech na parang pulitiko LoLs...Gusto ko yung gumagawa ako ng speech hahahaha.

Anyway, nice knowing that you're in the industry that builds buildings and structures..hehehe...enhinyero ka pala...that was my 2nd choice of degree before entering college. Eto yung order of priority ko nung nasa last year ko ng HS:
1. Travel Journalism
2. Civil Engineering
3. Business Course- B.S.Accountancy ang nilagpakan ko hehehe.

Keep blogging bro, your post is simple but interesting.

Im_Rix said...

congrachumalasyon kay ate Bob :)

eArL... said...

@jay, thanks. im not an engineer. im into environment. making our industries compliant with the environmental standards :)

travel journalism pala tawag don. hehehe. jologs ko tlaga di masyado informed. lols.

di bale, accountant ka naman mas ayos mas madami pera.

@rix, thanks.

Pao Kun said...

Congrats kay ate Bob! :) Mabuti nang maexpose at masanay na sa harap ng maraming tao... mabubuild up ang confidence nya at madadala hanggang pagtanda. :) Keep up ate bob! And keep blogging po ser! ^^ I'll follow ser. Have a good day!

Archieviner said...

Congrats ate bob and sayo daddy cool. Dito mga engineer ang kasama ko. construction ang project:D

xoxo_grah said...

Congrats sa daughter mo....galing siguro nya...:)


Anonymous said...

Congrats kay Ate Bob!

I suddenly wanna go back to camsur. Umienglish??? LOLz.

Mar Unplog said...

di ko pa napuntahan yang CAMSUR and do wakeboarding...

Practice muna ako dito sa REPUBLIC sa Sta Rosa...

First time dito sa blog mo

Balut said...

congrats to Ate Bob!

Camsur wake boarding is on my wish list and I hope it will be listed out soon :)

Btw, THANKS for the visit to my blog and the GFC follow. I followed you back so see yah around ;)

Hi! I am LiLi! said...

Wow. Ang galing. Congrats kay Ate Bob.

ralph said...

in as much as we like to be humble, we just can't stop being proud with our children... congrats to ate bob... Yahweh bless.