Friday, January 25, 2013

Getting Back The Number 1 Spot..

Disappointment is the right term when I learned that Ate Bob placed second in her academics during the first trimester. I felt like with her being second means I was not able to give her the correct tutorials that she needed during the first three months of the school year. In short I felt bad. I need to level up my strategies in teaching which have been so challenging to me given that it really puts my patience and perseverance to test. Since I am a hands on dad, I have to bear the pressure and the weight of the work as well.

I am not really sure though how Ate Bob felt that time but she was sad I guess since I saw her eyes drooped when she told me about it. I know I was upset and I was a bit too much to her during that time and for that I am sorry. After that we sat down and strategize what we will do in order to get her number 1 spot. Everyday, it was all encouragement and total brainwashing was in the offing. I have to instill in her that no matter what we will do our best. I know I am reacting too much but I just cannot accept that at the end of the year during her graduation she will not deliver the valedictory address. I would be shattered to pieces if ever that happens. It has been my goal that before I leave on March, I will write her valedictory address. Although I wont be here to witness that faithful day, at least I am a part of it.

And so we worked double time. I have to be home early after office at 6 to be beside her in all her assignments. I help her out in all the upcoming topics and we review all the topics that will be taken up the following day. In short, I do advance tutorials for her. There was no TV during night time. For her arts classes, we would practice together how to use water colors and I would teach her simple techniques. even during play time, I would still quiz her on her math subjects. With regards to her Filipino class, it was doubly challenging learning new Filipino words for her. I would write all the English translations in her book and quiz her about it. And since I photocopied all her books, all the practice exercises in school are done first in the house and repeated in school. Meaning, she always have to do it twice. Poor Ate Bob!

There were times when we would always argue on many things. There were times when she would give up. At times to, it's me who will almost give up as i would have my temper flare up. Voices are raised and sometimes belts are prepared. Tears and bruised feelings would ensue at times. But at the end of the day, we would always hug each other during night time taking everything one at a time.

And so last night, when I got home her eyes beamed like a star and she shouted at the top of her voice while I was still on the gate that she got her number 1 spot back. Cool! I was the picture of happiest dad again! She told me that for now we could celebrate by eating outside.

Two more months and it will be her graduation. That means two more months of sitting down with Ate Bob every afternoon of learning and practicing.Going for the gold! :)

I am a competitive Daddy I know. But I also make sure that the process of learning is fun for Ate Bob. That's what makes our study time more worthwhile.

In other news, let's support PBO in its next project, "PBO's Bazaar for a Cause". And for this project, Ate Bob and Baby Dax will donate their pre-loved dresses with permission from wifey of course.

These dresses were only worn once for our family picture during Christmas of 2010. It carries our own label A & Q (named after Ate Bob and Dax, their real names are Ava and Qada) as we are into small time manufacturing of dresses like these before. Actually, the cloth used were just left overs from the Barbie brand we used to sew :) These dresses would fit into a 2 year old and a 4 year old.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

One Liners...A New Assistant

Due to cost cutting measures, Daddy Cool has to fire one of our househelps. Directly affected by the sudden decision was Ate Bob. While washing her hands last night before eating she goes:

Ate Bob: Papa, you should get a new assistant for me.

I was curious as to why she would need an assistant for herself and so i asked her.

Papa: And why would you need an assistant?

Ate Bob: Papa, don't you know that Ate Baby is having a hard time handling us both (referring to her sister Baby Dax). You see, she always looks after Baby Dax.

Lols. Of course I did not hire additional house help just for her. It's time to learn the ropes.

Monday, January 14, 2013

One liners...Pumpkins

Me and Ate Bob went for a walk going to my condo unit to collect the monthly rent a while ago. While hwaiting for my tenant, Ate Bob played in the pocket garden and she was amazed
at how the trees have grown so fast. I told her that it is 5 years old too just like her. One palm
tree caught her attention and she goes
Bob : Papa what do you call this tree?
Me : It's called palm tree anak.
Bob : Does it bear fruit or flowers?
Me : uhmm fruits.
Bob : What kind of fruits papa? Is it pumpkins?
Lols.  Sounds like ayt? palm tree palmkin?

What the New Year Will Bring...

Finally, I am able to sit down and scribble some notes for my blog. My first entry for 2013. 

After a tragic 2012 ending, I was extra busy during the first week of 2013 to fix familial matters. I hurriedly went home in the province for three days and do things that were beyond my expectation. First, due to my Uncle's sudden death on new years eve (head on collision which caused his death instantly and sending my two young cousins in the ICU), I felt like I am here and nowhere. Spell floating in the air. My Mom has to be comforted and her blood pressure should be monitored otherwise she will go with her brother in the grave. Then, since I was away for more than a year I have to visit relatives and friends. Spend a beer or two with one group and hop on to another for more rounds of beer.  Hik, hik and more hik!

Back home, I was able to find some quiet time within myself. As my mom's house is situated right in the middle of her fishpond, the atmosphere was perfect to reflect on life, miseries, happiness and relationships. I came back in Manila feeling refreshed and renewed and with new vigor to face what lies ahead. For one, I have resolved to raise the level of my fatherhood duties to my lovely girls including my wife. As I will be leaving soon, I will spend more time with them. I have prepared myself of my next journey for more than a year now but as day of my departure comes closer, I am becoming more unsure. I just have to face the day when the time comes and would just leave quietly without Ate Bob and Baby Dax knowing about it or the house will be flooded with tears.

Well, for 2013 and the rest of it, a toast to unsure days ahead and quality time with the girls....