Monday, January 14, 2013

What the New Year Will Bring...

Finally, I am able to sit down and scribble some notes for my blog. My first entry for 2013. 

After a tragic 2012 ending, I was extra busy during the first week of 2013 to fix familial matters. I hurriedly went home in the province for three days and do things that were beyond my expectation. First, due to my Uncle's sudden death on new years eve (head on collision which caused his death instantly and sending my two young cousins in the ICU), I felt like I am here and nowhere. Spell floating in the air. My Mom has to be comforted and her blood pressure should be monitored otherwise she will go with her brother in the grave. Then, since I was away for more than a year I have to visit relatives and friends. Spend a beer or two with one group and hop on to another for more rounds of beer.  Hik, hik and more hik!

Back home, I was able to find some quiet time within myself. As my mom's house is situated right in the middle of her fishpond, the atmosphere was perfect to reflect on life, miseries, happiness and relationships. I came back in Manila feeling refreshed and renewed and with new vigor to face what lies ahead. For one, I have resolved to raise the level of my fatherhood duties to my lovely girls including my wife. As I will be leaving soon, I will spend more time with them. I have prepared myself of my next journey for more than a year now but as day of my departure comes closer, I am becoming more unsure. I just have to face the day when the time comes and would just leave quietly without Ate Bob and Baby Dax knowing about it or the house will be flooded with tears.

Well, for 2013 and the rest of it, a toast to unsure days ahead and quality time with the girls....


joy said...

Thanks for the updates and be strong . You had it tough in the last days and condolence by the way. And departimg is the saddest part, but you are doing it for them.
God bless you in everythimg you do.

Im_Rix said...

awts. Nakikiramay po ako daddy Earl. Saan po ang punta? ingat and be strong for your baby dax and ate bob.

jonathan said...

Your resolutions for the year are good and I commend your spirits to bring closeness and love though parting is near. Good luck to your endeavours!

Juicy Jay said...

-First, condolence for the sudden demise of your Uncle. I'm sure he is rested in His father in heaven.
- Nice to know you were able to bond with relatives
- Take extra care of you mama (I know you do, but increase it)
- You're leaving? where? I can smell another country? Am I right? tsismoso lang
- You're a cool dad already and hearing you planning to increase your quality time with your daughters and wife is so remarkable.
- God bless you on your journey this 2013.