Thursday, February 21, 2013

One Liners...Center Bolt

Everytime I go home early from an official travel, I see to it that I bring the girls either to the village play ground, church (there's a playground there too) or most of the time the nearby Waltermart Mall ( just 50 steps away from the house I guess). While reading in the Children's Book Section (yes, they do have book section and we only go there to read the opened ones), Baby Dax wanted to answer the call of nature. And so I brought them to the men's rest room although Ate Bob would always insists that we are on the wrong room as they are supposed to be in the girls. Anyway, inside the handicapped cubicle (bigger and with enough space for the three of us), I decided to pee also after the two girls are done. It was the first time for Baby Dax to see me pee. Here's what happened.

Baby Dax : (pulling my shirt from the back while Im doing my thing), Papa you should sit down when you pee. (She pulls some more and with a loud voice commanded me to sit down). Thus, I could hardly aim my pee. Added to that, she would try her best to look at how I pee and so I have to shove her away.

To the rescue is Ate Bob as Baby Dax would not let go of my shirt and keeps on pulling me downwards so that I can sit down.
Ate Bob : (She was laughing at baby dax and she goes) Baby Dax, that's how boys pee, they stand up so that their CENTER BOLT can aim right to the urinal. lols.

Going out of the cubicle, I could only mutter to myself "Sorry Manang Janitor" as my pee is all over the place, in the floor, on the wall and on the toilet seat.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

One Liners...Falsetto

Ate Bob One Sunday Morning

After the Sunday school over the weekend, Ate Bob was too excited in telling me that her sunday school teacher asked her to sing for the class.
Me : So what did you sing for them?
Ate Bob : The song that I usually sing papa (referring to the song "Listen" by Beyonce).
Me : Oh you mean "Listen".
Ate Bob : Yes Papa. And some of my classmates covered their ears.
Me : Why would they do that?
Ate Bob : Because papa I sing at the top of my voice and I did falsetto too.

Curious if she knows the meaning of falsetto, I asked her.

Me : What's a falsetto?
Ate Bob : (with a raised eyebrow) Duh, its the false voice that you use when you cannot reach the high notes.

To which I ended up like the stupid one for not knowing what the word falsetto is. Lols. On second thought, falsetto has the "false" word in it making it maybe, just maybe originate from the false word itself. Now I know. lols.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

One LIners....Eye of God

While passing through the majestic sunset of roxas blvd this afternoon, Ate Bob was in awe and basking on its sheer beauty and calmness. 
Ate Bob : Papa, is it true that the sun is the right eye of God?
I honestly dont know how to answer her question so I followed it up with another question (which i usually do when i dont know how to answer her).
Me : Why did you say it's the right eye?
Ate Bob : Because the moon is the left eye papa.
It's fun learning new things in a different perspective. Lols.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

One Liners... I Love Her

Over the weekend while watching TV in the living room, Baby Dax was her usual self again trying to hurt Ate Bob. For the longest time I have used all the medium I know just to make her stop hurting her Ate Bob physically. Anything she's holding will surely land in her Ate's chubby body. Belts, hangers, cloth, slippers, glares and shouts were to no avail especially when she is really mad. Good thing Ate Bob never raises a hand on her and would just resort to asking for help every time her baby sister would attack her.

Quite feed up of the same situation over and over again, I shouted at Ate Bob when Baby Dax was trying to hurt her again saying "Why don't you fight back everytime she hurts  you?". To which she retorted, "But I love her Papa". That one melted my heart. And she added "If I hurt her back, then she would hurt me some more." I gave her a hug after she said that. I never thought about that because what I was thinking was if she fights back then Baby Dax would stop hurting her.

Then I thought maybe it is a good thing after all that the other one just give way. The musings of daddy cool. :)