Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One Liners...Bribing : NY Edition

Since I am away from home, my one liners this time is through the accounts of wifey.

With the advent of her graduation day, Ate Bob has to memorize her valedictory speech as required by the school. For three consecutive days now, wifey has been telling me that Ate Bob is so stubborn and would not practice her speech. According to wifey, she has unleashed all her persuasive powers including dagger looks and coercion but to no avail.

Mama : Ate Bob, kelangan mo na i memorize yung speech mo kase nakakahiya pag hindi mo na memorize.
Ate Bob : Silent and not moving.
Mama : Ate Bob, if you like I will buy a new book for you basta ma memorize mo lang yung speech mo.
Ate Bob : Mama, are you trying to bribe me?


Friday, March 15, 2013

Hail to the Valedictorian...

I could not contain my happiness when I learned through wifey that Ate Bob is the class valedictorian of the Advanced Casa. It's like a grand slam for her as she was also the valedictorian in her Junior Casa and Senior Casa Class.  As I write her valedictory address last night, I was a little bit sad that I would not be able to put on her medal on thursday. Most of all I will not be able to see her deliver her valedictory address.

Early this morning, I told her through Skype to practice her speech. I was teary eyed while she was delivering her lines knowing that she is slowly creating a niche of her own.

This is her new class picture. She is the 6th from the left.

Here is her valedictory speech. Before I left last time, I asked her what to put in her speech if ever she becomes the valedictorian. And so most of the content of the speech were hers. It's a simple one.

Valedictory Address
By Ava A. Ventura
Advance Casa Blue
Le-Sil Montessori School
March 21, 2013

Good afternoon everyone! Time flies so very fast. I was a tiny little girl when I started in Junior Casa with Teacher Christel. I still am little I think (gestures the right hand just below the shoulders) but I have gained some pounds (squeezes the cheeks a little and put on a smile).

You see, when I was in Teacher Christel’s class, I used to be talkative. Oh well, until this time I think.  But Junior Casa days was a whole lot of fun. It was the many firsts for all of us. First birthday party in school. First dental check-up. First of everything I guess. Most of all, it our first time to make friends with our classmates. And who will forget our first field trip? We saw carabaos in real life. How cool is that?

Senior Casa days was even more fun. New classmates came in and that means more friends too. I always look forward to Fridays were me and my classmates can play in the playground.  We even get to have a new teacher too. Hello, Teacher Apple.

It was also the time when I started to join singing contest and was able to join PSAP. It was an experience I will never forget. It was the time when I started my singing career apart from my dream of becoming a doctor someday. I even got to have a big billboard with my name on it (stops for a while and smiles). It was my first too. I also gained new friends and learn new things this time under Teacher Apple.

On our Advance Casa days this time with Teacher Chat, we learned more new things. Most importantly, we learn how to write well. It was always writing and writing (pauses again and looks at Teacher Chat with a smile). The most exciting in Advance Casa though is our field trip in Zoobic. That was soooo cool! We get to see tigers and different animals up close and personal. I wanna go back there again (with eyes beaming and a quaint smile).

For all of these, I just want to thank my teachers and the Ate’s who were always there every school day. Helping and providing us with what we needed. We were a little bit naughty sometimes but we enjoyed it so much.

Today is the last day of our pre-school days. And I am a little bit sad. (sad tone in voice)

I remember just before the school opening of Senior Casa, my Mama would not enroll me here but I cried and I begged not to put me in a different school because I love it here. (big clear voice)

For me, there is no other better school than Lesil. (with conviction and strong voice)
 For me, there is no other school where I can find my best friends. (with conviction and strong voice)
For me, there is no other school that can top that.

To my friends, I wish you all the best. For some, this might be our last being together but for those who will stay, see you all in Grade 1. I might have to use my begging and crying powers again but I know I will succeed. Thank you. (smiles before taking a curtsy).

Monday, March 11, 2013

Missing Home

I miss home.

A snowstorm welcomed me the moment I stepped  out  of the of the plane and entered JFK airport last friday afternoon. It was just a breeze going through the US immigration and the biting cold was just too much when I was finally out of the building. Good thing my brother was there with an extra coat. The air coming out from my mouth was forming a steam-like smoke as if a muffler from a century old car.

The day after, the snow melted away. But then it is still cold. Although the sun is scorching hot, the wind has a different sting on my cheek. The mood was dreary too. I dunno. Perhaps because I am in a foreign land and I miss home.

Time will tell whether I can stay a little longer. If I cant then perhaps I will pack my things and head home.

Here's my snow pix as my brother would say. He was insistent in having my pix for my first day right after we got out of the car.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Ate Bob Turns 6 Today....

Spell happiness. That's the perfect word that can best describe how I feel since Ate Bob was born 6 years ago up until this time. Truly, God is amazing for bringing in sunshine in my life when I was lost years before I had my daughters. Last Sunday after the the pastor spoke about adversity in life and called for an altar call for those who have big problems in their current life, I could only pray for gratitude as I could not recall any moment lately that I encountered any problem. Instead, I thanked the Lord for giving me a wonderful wife, pretty, smart and lovely daughters and for just making my life complete.  I couldn'ask for more.

Today, as Ate Bob reaches another milestone I could only wish that she and Baby Dax will be in the pink of health all the time as I worry too much when they are sick. And also, I promise myself not to be too hard on her when it comes to her studies unlike during her pre school years when I have to pressure her to get the number 1 spot. But I still wish that come graduation day on March 21, she will deliver the valedictory speech. I will not be here during that day but my mind, body and spirit will be in the stage with her when she claims her rewards.

Later tonight, we will just have a simple dinner for her. She agreed with not having a party in school this year in exchange for a shih tzu puppy and the pink bike. The shih tzu puppy will be delivered on April 6 but the bike was purchased yesterday.

Happy birthday to the smartest, prettiest, lovable and the most beautiful kid in the whole wide world. Op magadodo, poke :)

Here's the birthday girl in her new pink bike

Making a turn this time.

Baby Dax tries her bike too.

Together now.

Life is beautiful indeed!