Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Geoffery The Dinosaur

Our 6 year old Ate Bob dreams of many things. She wants to become a doctor for the poor and a popular singer. But last night, when she found a pencil and a pocket notebook, she suddenly wanted to become a story teller for the kids.

Here's the unedited, raw and "as it is" version of the first and "shortest" short story ever written by our little girl.

Made on : May 6, 2013

Geoffery The Dinosaur

Geofffery stomped because he was mad
and mad dinosaurs do not talk to anyone.
then martha the dinosaur came and said:
Geoffery why are you so mad?
Geoffery said: Sid the dinosaur took my soccer ball
yesterday and now he will not give it back.
Martha said: don't worry Im gonna ask Sid to give
your ball back to me and then I will give it to you.
so Martha asked Sid for the ball and then
she told the teacher everything.
and soon Sid was punched. (where did she learn this) lols.
Geoffery got his ball back and every dinosaur
lived happily ever after. The End.

Here's the blurred shots of her masterpiece.

It's nice to be back btw. lols.