Friday, June 28, 2013

Last Day of Work..

Instead of spending my last day of work in the office I opted to email my colleagues a farewell letter instead. I am going to post it here as the MIS admin might dissolve my official email account.

Pardon the selfie and the early morning drama...

Leaving however grandiose and promising the next destination is always bittersweet. I guess it is true that it hurts more to the one who will leave than to those who will be left behind.  For one, it is one of the most serene and happy phase in my life. It is where I had my two, pretty and lovely daughters with an equally stunning and caring wife. It is where I got my first house. My first trip abroad. It is where I found contentment. It is where I get to sleep peacefully and soundly every single night. It is where I feel I am complete and couldn’t ask for more. In short, the  best times in my life was with you guys. 

For the past few days, I was trying to shake off the feeling of loneliness everytime i think about leaving the office. I was trying to hold back but deep inside it does hurt after all. Big time. Now, it hurts all the more that it is my last day. Which explains why I am not in the Office today. While it is unplanned as I still have plenty of things left in the Office I guess it would be better for me not to spend my last day with you guys as I might end up soaked in my own tears the service road of Roxas Blvd might be flooded. Kidding aside, I am teary eyed now that I have to leave you. 

In all of these (dami ko ng sinabi), I just want to thank you guys for bearing with me, listening to me (rants and light moments as well) and for being supportive all throughout my years with PEZA. now the countdown.

Vivs, thanks a lot for always being the cool and super kind boss. I couldn't ask for more. I hope there are more bosses  like you. I wish that you will have your own mini me too. The pleasure and contentment it offers is immeasurable. Work on it double time (*wink with grin). :) calling richard!!!

For the team, I wish you good luck.  In our line of work and in the work setting that we have, it is always about service and giving our locators a silver spoon so that the companies will continue to feed the hungry tummy of starving Filipino people (like me) :).

for popsie, i wish you good health and some divine intervention also(*wink ). and oh, of some biblical proportions as well (*wink once more and lol too). nah, your the best popsie in the whole wide galaxy universe world peace.

for shie, the loving and model mom for continuing to breastfeed your chikitings even up until this time, i salute you. thanks for the pabaon. it was really appreciated.

for lily, i'll miss our chit chat about some secrets and stuff that only the two of us can talk about. i wish sir nic is on your friends list in fb. :) and the rest of peza higher ups :)

for jesi, good thing i was able to visit you and bram in the hospital. you are the sweetest girl in the group and i know you will be a great mom and wife too to kelvin. keep on working on the next one. nice genes btw.
for bim, time's running out too. hump on that running shoes and go somewhere else dark and kinky and start doing your mini me. :) try beside the cold fridge, it's exciting. lols. door half open with mist coming out. lols.

for tin, i wish you find your lovey dudes in one of your trips around the world. maybe say i do in mt. fuji? or perhaps spend your honeymoon in himalayas. who knows deliver a child in the marianas? (di pala pwede don.) sa tibet na lang close to everest. Then, you will name your child everest (vrooommm....)

for anthony, hands down! stop devouring too much. lols. remember, gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins. never mention the word diet ever, ever, ever again. it's not in your vocabulary of words. lols. kid ding aside, il go back one of this days as i still owe you 20%. pabaon  mo na un sa akin. :)

dami kung sinabi, actually eto lang gusto kung sabihin - 

good thoughts and happy life i wish for us all. again, thank you. wherever i might end up, you are always dear to me guys and canine. 

signing off,


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life as we know it...

Speaking about comfort zones, I have to give up mine. The ardent call of the greens on the other side always seems to beckon. While I have contemplated about these five years ago, the thought of leaving work after clearances and all finally sunk into my system five days before my last day of work. Perhaps, it is the plan-savvy in me that have been kicking in through the years. Before, I joined government service, I gave myself five years and after that I will be on my own. It’s giving back time to the Iskolar ng Bayan in me. Fast forward, I will be turning seven years and finally I gathered all my courage to file my resignation. My immediate boss was teary eyed and she couldn’t get over the news when I dropped the thought about it in one of our pantry conversations. When I asked permission to the Admin Manager, he gave me an option to take an indefinite leave for a year so that I will still have a job should I decide to come back. But it was not in my plan. What was running through my mind that time is I have to stick to my plan come what may. I was caught off guard and unprepared I may say. In the end, I refused the offer and now in a weeks’ time I will be leaving my home and I may say family for the past years.

Leaving, however grandiose and promising the next destination is always bittersweet. I, perhaps can say that it is more painful to the one who will leave that to those who will be left behind. For one, it is one of the most serene and happy phase in my life. It is where I had my two, pretty and lovely daughters with an equally stunning and caring wife. It is where I got my first house and my first vehicle. My first trip abroad. It is where I found contentment. It is where I get to sleep peacefully and soundly every single night. It is where I feel I am complete and couldn’t ask for more. In short, my work gave me all this and I am leaving. 

The good news is, all those things will still be enjoyed in my next endeavour. The only thing that I will miss the most is the company of my colleagues who have been like a family to me. It is my first time to have an immediate superior who never in a single moment have I heard nor see get mad at anyone. Extremely sensitive of her staffs feelings and attitude without compromising the work at hand aside from being outstanding in her work. And most of all, the coming-going in day in and day out of the office and most of all the trips in the country sides. And oh, I will miss the Amanpulo trip. If only they scheduled it before June 30. Deym!!! Anyway, Misibis Bay is a whole better (sour graping). Here's a throwback thursday picture (makiuso lang) taken in Misibis Bay during one of our annual inspections.

Oh, well, speaking about trade offs. 

But then again, life will still continue to churn for me, wifey and ate bob and dax. All for the better. Now that I will be on my own, I will get to have more family time with the girls and visit more interesting places and enjoy life has to offer. 

After all, we only live once. Grab the opportunity that comes your way or else it might slip away.

Monday, June 03, 2013

One Liners...Doggie Doggie

Meet the newest member of the family, "Tori". We bought it for Ate Bob for as a present on her 6th birthday apart from the pink bike she got.

Last night, wifey requested me to get Tori's vitamins (doggie doggie :) much like tiki tiki for kids eh. When I handed it to her, Ate Bob blurted out:

Ate Bob : You know what Papa, I saw Ate Salva (our new oldie yaya) gave that doggie doggie vitamins to Baby Dax.
Me : What? Then I looked for Baby Dax and asked her if it was true that she had the dog vitamins. Then she said:

Baby Dax : No Papa. It was Ate Bob who drink Tori's vitamins.
Ate Bob : No Papa it was Baby Dax.

Quite amused that maybe either one of them was able to drink the puppy vitamins, I asked the yaya if she gave it to them as I was suspecting that maybe both have a dose of it since it is placed alongside their vitamins. Yaya of course denied giving it to them. But the two still kept on reasoning out with me and pointing fingers who was able to take the vitamins. Both seemed sincere though and so I thought yaya must be the culprit.

Lessons learned don't store puppy vitamins side by side with the kids vitamins.

Then it flashed back on me some two years ago when we had a new and oldie yaya too when Ate Bob told me one afternoon that her Auntie Berly used the feminine wash as a shampoo when she gave her a bath.

Oh well, yaya chronicles. I just hope that the two will not end up barking tomorrow after that one dose of doggie doggie vitamins.