Monday, June 03, 2013

One Liners...Doggie Doggie

Meet the newest member of the family, "Tori". We bought it for Ate Bob for as a present on her 6th birthday apart from the pink bike she got.

Last night, wifey requested me to get Tori's vitamins (doggie doggie :) much like tiki tiki for kids eh. When I handed it to her, Ate Bob blurted out:

Ate Bob : You know what Papa, I saw Ate Salva (our new oldie yaya) gave that doggie doggie vitamins to Baby Dax.
Me : What? Then I looked for Baby Dax and asked her if it was true that she had the dog vitamins. Then she said:

Baby Dax : No Papa. It was Ate Bob who drink Tori's vitamins.
Ate Bob : No Papa it was Baby Dax.

Quite amused that maybe either one of them was able to drink the puppy vitamins, I asked the yaya if she gave it to them as I was suspecting that maybe both have a dose of it since it is placed alongside their vitamins. Yaya of course denied giving it to them. But the two still kept on reasoning out with me and pointing fingers who was able to take the vitamins. Both seemed sincere though and so I thought yaya must be the culprit.

Lessons learned don't store puppy vitamins side by side with the kids vitamins.

Then it flashed back on me some two years ago when we had a new and oldie yaya too when Ate Bob told me one afternoon that her Auntie Berly used the feminine wash as a shampoo when she gave her a bath.

Oh well, yaya chronicles. I just hope that the two will not end up barking tomorrow after that one dose of doggie doggie vitamins.


Senyor Iskwater said...

hahahha... so kung sino ang kumahol, siya ang salarin... hehehe

June | Life and Spices said...

Baka wala naman Dad., baka si yaya uminom..lols..

Phioxee said...

hhaha. bakit mo naman kasi nilagay sa tabi ng vitamins nila yung vit ni tori daddy cool. kaw talaga.