Friday, November 22, 2013

Condom Tales

Last night after buying the girls baon for school for the whole week, wifey told me to get them vitamins in Watsons. Along with our 6 year old Ate Bob, I told the sales clerk to get me a Clusivol vitamins. Right on the shelf in front of Ate Bob were condoms in all brands and she was reading it so much interest. Then she got one and asked me what is it but did not answer her query and told her to put it back. She put it back but still kept on reading the label.

When I was about to pay she went back to me and curious as I am asked her what is a condom.
Bob: It doesnt say anything Papa. Perhaps its a vitamin too. Could you get me one?

To which the sales clerk smiled up to her ears. Told her time to go home instead. :)

On other news, Baby Dax and Ate Bob competed in English Declamation today and wifey just called that both girls got 1st places in their respective category. Baby Dax for Pre School and Ate Bob for Grade 1. This calls for another celebration. Perhaps Star City tomorrow is a nice idea. What do you think?

On another news too, our home in Aklan was destroyed to the grounds too by Typhoon Yolanda. I told Mom and Dad not to fix the kitchen anymore since they will be leaving for good next month for NY. Anyway the living room and bedrooms are still there and the roof have been restored already. When I went home last week, nobody was spared. What really struck me the most was that trees and all vegetation alike looks like it was burned. The branches and leaves became black and brown and really I was wondering if the wind of Yolanda was on fire. Sounds like the song i hear sometimes. :)

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