Sunday, November 03, 2013

Wazzup Im Back!

And so I was gone for a long time and haven't updated my blog too. I was here and there and pre occupied with my new job which requires a lot of travelling.

Anyhow, just dropping by to make some updates about the girls.

Last night, the whole family went grocery shopping. Since we were not able to do it often lately, this time the cart was full to the brim. Then when we are just about to pay with a long queue before us, Ate Bob blurted out from nowhere (she roams around finding her own stuff most of the time), "Whoah, are you sure we have enough money to pay for ALL of that (looking at me)". Lols time again.

Anyway, both the girls joined a musical last time which I was not able to attend. Ate Bob got the coveted solo part and Baby Dax was one of the back up choirs. Here are some of the pictures.

Also, Baby Dax joined their Poem Contest and she lost as she stopped in the middle of her piece. Ate Bob though won bronze. Meanwhile for the Poster Making Contest, Baby Dax got the gold. Ate Bob joined the Quiz Bee in General Knowledge and during Nutrition Month and got all the Golds. Here are their medals:

By the way, Viktoria is almost a year now Lately, she's having some blood stain on the garage floor which means that she can have her own baby pups in no time. Look how lovely she is this time.

Also, when Baby Dax turned 4 years old, we spent the weekend in Tagaytay and enjoyed some fun rides in Sky Ranch. Here are some of the pictures except for the Skyranch I misplaced the pictures.

Happy 4th Birthday Baby Dax

 Ate Bob Gets to Ride on the Horse. 

And I get to have our own selfie on the tri-bike in Picnic Grove.

And some swimming in Wyndham Hotel Pool.

Halloween came like a thief in the night. As usual I wasnt here at home. Baby Dax was a princess and Ate Bob was not able to join because the celebration was for pre-schoolers only. Here's Baby Dax.

All Souls Day, we just spent it at home. I had a great time doing handyman jobs too in the house and in the condo. Finally, my tenants are all gone and I can have it repainted. Anyone interested to lease?

The candles the girls lighted the other night for our dead relatives and friends

And for the most recent picture of the girls for their staycation during Undas, the 70% on the inflatables was really worth it as every morning they keep on using it.

Bye for now. I might not be able to update as more often as I like due to work. Btw, we are building an ambitious windfarm project in Aklan just across Boracay Island. :) When it's done, you will not only visit the white beaches of Boracay but drop by our (my :) windfarm.

That's me in the mountains where the windfarm will be born. 

Overlooking those mountains is the famous Boracay Island.


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