Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's 2014!

Though timidity is written all over me at the beginning of the year, I know I have to make my first entry. And so for this year, the whole family started the year with a blast. We spent the new year in Boracay Island. For seven (7) straight days I was busy shelling out money here and there. Though the highlight of the New Years Eve in the island was the fireworks display which was ruined by the heavy rain, the two girls were up to watch it from the veranda of our rented hotel. Here are some of the pictures.

Lessons learned, never take Cebu Pac. Never. 
Ate Bob & Baby Dax found a new friend while waiting for the flight to Kalibo.

Finally, Baby Dax gets to have the window seat.

Ate Bob still gets to find time to read their magazine at 2 in the morning due to delayed flight.

31st of December 2014 while waiting for midnight in the island.
They brought their toy all the way from Manila just to make sand castles.

I just like this picture of Ate Bob. Nothing more :)

Baby Dax was trying to pee I guess. Lols.

And the mandatory picture with the sand castle trademark of the island.

I was asked to take their picture. 

And another one.

Since we were there for quite a long time, we indulge in several
 hotels by transferring from one place to the other.

Ate Bob and Baby Dax by the poolside. I think this was in Alice in Wonderland

And some side trip fishing in grandma's fishpond residence

There. The end of 2013 and the ushering in of 2014 for us. Good start for us and I hope it gets through the rest of the year.