Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ate Bob’s Tales.

Since its March, the metro is always abuzz with fire truck sirens most of the time. Last week, when the sirens were up and running again, it struck me it’s the best time to lecture her on what to do in case there is fire in the house (although she gets the same lecture most of the time).  After telling her what to do during such situation, I asked her this:

Me : If you are to bring only one most important thing  with you what would it be? (Thinking that she would answer it would be her Harry Potter Book Collection as it is very dear to her).

Ate Bob: (without having to pause at all). Ohh, Papa, it would be you. You are the only thing most precious that I can think of. And so who wouldn’t melt with that answer? Lols.

And trying to be more inquisitive. I added:

Me: What about Momoms? (referring to her mommy). What happens to her?

Ate Bob: Ohh that, she comes next. Ill go back to get her too.

Lols. I get to be the safe one first.

Some selfie time with the girls before I left last Thursday.

Some paparazzi time while walking along the beach yesterday.

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