Friday, April 11, 2014

Proud Daddy Moments...

Nothing beats the feeling of being proud with what my kids achieved at the end of the school year. Both girls are 1st Honors in their own classes. And so I have to be home to pin those medals and be there while harvesting the fruits of their labor.

While preparing to go to the program.

Before the program starts, the girls went up the stage right away.

The graduation march and Ate Bob is part of the entourage.

Closer look at the girls.

Prayer dance with the honor students

Ate Bob joins again when we gave Baby Dax medals.

The march up on stage.

Some photo op after the program.

And another one when we got home.

And another one on stage.

The happy Baby Dax with Mama.

She has the most medals of all her classmates.

And the proud parents.

Now, it's Ate Bob's turn. Baby Dax gave her medal too.

And some selfie of the proud parents.

Now its my turn. She got 11 medals in all.

Together with the other honor students from her class.

Then, she changed outfit to render her winning piece :The gingham dog and the calico cat"

Together with other non-academic awardees.

Photo op in her tarpaulin in school before going home.

Bought a frame in NB to put it in the wall of fame (Ate Bobs)

Baby Dax too has her own.

Some side pictures of Victoria looking dapper ever.

Recent pictures of the girls before leaving yesterday.

And Baby Dax too.

And a side trip in Boracay.

That's all for now. Next week, Ate Bob and me will travel together in another place without Mama and Baby Dax. Looking forward to it.

Let's Try Some Video This Time...

Ate Bob and Baby Dax Doing Some Frozen Frenzy. Here's the link