Saturday, June 07, 2014

Phone Conversation With Baby Dax

I called them up one Sunday morning after they went to Sunday School.

Me : So what did you learn today in Sunday School?
Dax : Papa we have a memory verse.
Me : Really? So, can you recite it to me?
Dax : "Love One Another"
Me : Oh, so that means you have to love Ate Bob all the time and not keep on hurting/fighting with her (as they always fight over petty things)
Dax : But Papa it does not say Ava, it says "Love one another" not "Love Ava"
Oh well, palusot all the time of our Baby Dax :)

Dropped by an old work place before (12 years before) and feels great to be back.


ZaiZai said...

Did it made you think you should have named Ava "another"? :)

Walang kupas ang ka cute-an ni Ate Bob and Baby Dax :)

Have a great weekend Daddy Cool!

Lincoln Madison said...

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